Requirements for Applying

Prior to accepting a unit into the program, the following information must be provided and verified. In order to be eligible for the grant, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • For Homeowners:
    • Own a house built before 1978, which is your principal residence.
    • Meet low income requirements, with income at or below 80% AMI. (FY 2013 Income Limits)
    • Must be occupied by a child under the age of 6 years old, and/or have a child who spends a significant amount of time visiting (this would equal two days a week, for 6 hours or moretotal; or 60 hours total in a single year).
  • For Investor-Owners:
    • Own a rental house or apartment complex built before 1978.
    • Greater than 50% of property occupants must meet low income requirements, at or below 50% AMI, and less than 50% must be at 80% AMI and less. (FY 2013 Income Limits) Note: Multi-family rental units can exempt 20% of residents from income requirements.
    • Property must be vacant or have children age 6 and younger residing there, or:
    • The unit must be made available to families with children under age 6 for no less than 3 years following the provision of assistance

After you have submitted an application, you will be contacted by someone in the grant program to do a lead risk assessment/healthy homes assessment of your home. If lead or safety hazards are found in your home, you will receive instructions for how to proceed with the application for the grant.

Additional Requirements

In order for a unit to receive assistance, the owner must:

    • Allow a lead risk assessment
    • Agree to abide by Disclosure Rule (whether a recipient or not)
    • Agree to provide a cash match of up to 10% of grant award or documentation of hardship
    • Maintain the unit to local code standards
    • Agree to annual lead-safe/healthy home inspections
    • Agree to lien provisions
    • Sell and/or rent the unit to low-income families for the duration of the loan.

How to Apply

Download and fill out the application form on the right, and mail to:

If you have any questions, contact Carrie Brunson, Grant Program Director, at (574)971-4600.